A Lesson Unlearned is a Lesson Repeated

If you are feeling like you're in a rut-- whatever the category... Let's talk about what can take you out of your mental, physical, financial, spiritual RUT.

I remember when I was feeling like I couldn't get out of the RUT I was in. I kept blaming situations, people, and circumstances for my rut. I started living so far deep into it that I thought I could never get out. I wasted valuable time stretching what could have been one simple lesson-- to a several month long process. Here is what I understand now:

A lesson unlearned is a lesson repeated; therefore the same test will continue to present itself until you pass it. The same exact situation that you are sick of will continue to present itself until you figure out what it is you need to learn to get past it. Sometimes the smallest little change can change the trajectory of your life. Let me be a little more specific. When I first became an entrepreneur, I was too worried about my income, my money, and my life that for a short time I forgot that the success of myself and my family would depend on the success of OTHERS. [Side note: Success doesn't necessarily come because of money... I am talking about value and impact]. If you're feeling stuck in your entrepreneurial rut-- ask yourself ..."am I really adding VALUE to people's lives?". Something that my husband always encourages me to do is to sit back and picture what I want in life and If the picture you have in your mind isn't currently what you have-- there is obviously a lesson that you haven't learned yet that is preventing you from moving forward. For me, my test was truly and genuinely caring about others. The floodgates of success would have never opened if I continued to do what the majority of people did, and think like the majority of people thought : ME, ME, ME , I , I , I .

Here is the worst part about tests, the enemy will throw every possible thing at you to prevent you from passing your life tests. Don't let your unlearned lesson hold you back from the blessings you have coming. Learn from them and move forward.

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