Who says a pregnant momma can't Tailgate?

During my first pregnancy, I stayed inside the house the majority of the 9 months. I hardly saw my friends and family, and didn't experience any of the fun that was happening all around me. I decided this time around, I was going to have the most fun, stay the most active, and embrace the thick thighs and belly.

One specific event I've got to brag about because It was so much fun. I was so excited when I heard about the #toyotatailgate happening during the All American Game at the #alamodome. I was even more excited when I was told we would be able to tailgate on the back of a brand new 2020 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro on game day. When I was about 15, I remember telling my dad I wanted a bright yellow Toyota truck. It seemed like my dreams came true for the day (minus the color yellow.) I loaded up the inside of the truck with enough barbeque food and drinks for 10 of my friends, loaded the back of the truck with 2 tables and 8 chairs, and I STILL had room for my Daughter Brodie (we dropped her at her grandmother's house).I told my hubby @ardriajordan while I was driving it how functional I thought it was. He wasn't as particularly interested in the functionality as I was... he was more *emoji heart eyes* over the big tires and the husky rumble of the engine when it started.

The toyota tailgate experience was more fun than I even expected. Our friend brought his grill so we were able to eat, drink *non alcoholic for me* , and play beer (water for me) pong, and listen to music prior to the game. Everyone was checking out the inside of the truck ,the spacious back seat and the sexy lift it had... and I'll be honest I felt pretty badass!

I won't ever let anyone tell me a pregnant momma can't do something anymore. Because who knew a pregnant momma COULD have such a blast. Thank you to @toyotaUSA for the amazing experience! Can't wait to do it next year.

Check out the pictures of the awesome truck and a short video recapping our fun! Thank you https://www.brittanymarshallphotography.com/ for capturing all the fun moments and thank you #whiteclaw for always coming through for my friends! We had a BLAST!