Your doubt isn't a dead end.

Being an entrepreneur and a bit in the eye of people, I always thought I couldn't show my doubts, fears, or struggles because 'having doubts is bad'. People said I had to inspire, lead and motivate through strength, not weakness. I had to BELIEVE "without a doubt" in everything I do, everything I am, and everything I am striving to be regardless of the challenges that come my way.

WOW... can you imagine having to hold up that standard? Talk about pressure. This “believing without a doubt” standard is what most people think they have to do, but a wise man told me recently that BELIEVING doesn’t mean that you don’t occasionally have DOUBTS.. it means that your FAITH secures your BELIEF of your purpose even in times of doubt. #truth

EVERYONE HAS DOUBTS!!! Why would we ever tell someone to believe without a doubt if that’s something we can’t even do? We've got to stop that.

Example: Last night I laid awake until 5 am wrecking my brain over our 4 year long court case with my sons biological mom. I started to have doubts because it should've been finished 3 years ago. I began to ask HOW... I don't get it.. I don't understand, What if... What now...why this? Our greatest gifts we will ever get are on the other side of our questions. I was so overwhelmed by these dead end thoughts that I forgot that a dead end is just a destiny waiting to begin.

We (I) need to learn that it's not that we wont go through valleys... it's just we just cant die there. You see, I was thinking that I had to wait for my doubt to disappear to have faith that God was moving everything in the right direction. But it is only when pushing through fear that we will be able to see the truth on the other side.

The WE BELIEVE community is more than just simply believing in your purpose... and it absolutely not just ACTING unbreakable. The community is about recognizing that we each have struggles, doubts and fears but having faith and believing in our individual purposes anyways.

"Faith is not the absence of doubt, it is the means to overcome it." - Steven Furtick

So, I know I got doubts... but I trust my purpose anyways. #WEBELIEVE