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Thank you so much for supporting our baby Reese! 

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UPDATE:  We have now started Reese’s journey with #retinoblastoma cancer and although it’s not ideal, we are praising God through every minute. From finding out randomly to having make the decision to remove her eye in less than 48 hours after finding out, it’s been a whirlwind of emotions.

We are thankful that our Nanny pointed out the #knowtheglow in Reese’s eye and we were able to get such quick eye appointments thanks to Eyes of Cresta Bella fitting us in at 8am before her day started. 

We have been traveling back and forth to Austin, Reese has now been under anesthesia 3 times in one month😩. It’ll never get easy seeing her little arms with IV’s in them but we have faith she will be just fine. This week after another procedure under anesthesia, We found out that her “good eye” is doing GREAT and later that day we had an oncology appointment and found out that the pathology report came back from her removed eye and they said the cancer did not spread to the optic nerve.. PRAISE GOD.

We received some other news while at lunch the other day and although it didn’t make for the most pleasant lunch— we know God has a plan. That news that we received was that she tested positive for a RB1 genetic defect which essentially means she’s missing a part of the chromosome which tells the body to stop duplicating bad cells. She will be more susceptible to other cancers growing up but as of now we are praising God that less than 5% likelihood it comes back in the brain. We have posted a video below to explain more in detail. 

Our new normal comes with unknowns but Gods grace is sufficient for all our needs. He will provide in every way... especially mentally and spiritually. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us and we appreciate all the love and support from meals— to well wishes— all around!